Monday, December 5, 2011

Visit to Trafford Centre in Manchester (18th August)

Strutting along Manchester like she owns it

She begged to go on this

professional Boatwoman!

She drives like her Grandma!

She made a new friend

Cheeky Bugger this lil one is :)

Daddy's Little Girl


Like Father Like Daughter!

Visit to Chester Zoo (17th August)

London SeaLife Aquarium

In the tunnel


Star Fish





Happy with Daddy!

London Trip 15-16 August

The train ride begins....entertainment 1; the iTouch

Entertainment 2; The Dora Scribble pad

Naturally you got bored...

Exhausted from the long train ride

At Euston Tube Station

In London Chinatown....still exhausted

The Next day, you were move lively than the day before

We took photos at the London Eye

Mandatory Family Pic for proof

With your aunties

You & your Itouch

The View of London Bridge & Big Ben

We went on the merry go round

You rode on the Red double decker bus

and Bob the Builder in London Chinatown

UK Fam Trip - Out & About in Liverpool

Mia having a feel of very Cool weather for the first time

Happy to be in nice cool weather

First Family Dinner at Chinese Restaurant
*Daddy became abit overdosed with Rice & Chicken....and DUCK*

When at home, all you did was play with the twins and their coins

Adorable in your outfit

Entertaining you while we were homebound - Benetton Piggy Bank

Gift from your Auntie-Horsie

You & Daddy and your Burger King Nuggets


Exhausted! Luckily we purchased a cheap stroller from John Lewis

The Girls babysat you one afternoon while mummy & daddy did some shopping

At L1, you went on this about 3 times while we were there

You liked this ride too, it must of reminded you of Jerudong Park

All set to go to Town

The Chan Clan

Daddy, Mia & Mummy

Exhausted from a long afternoon

Our last night